Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sunny, Perky, Sunflower 1 16"X20"

Well, it has been a good day! I pulled a muscle in my back helping my Jerry empty the water out of the canoe this morning but Rancho San Miguel had that wonderful flan, so Jerry got that for me for my birthday cake. Oh...I love that stuff!!!! Also, I was very brave over the past 2 days. I got brave enough to start listing large and very large and medium large pieces on eBay. They may or may not sell but at least a few people will see them. On the huge ones..I figure if I can not figure out the shipping I will take it down and have a pro package it for me! Since tomorrow is my big B-Day if I have time I will start posting some florals. Since eBay has the free posting till...I think the 7th, I should take advantage of it! TO BID CLICK HERE

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