Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hay 5 Last of the Light, Orange Sky, Oil 6"X6" Eger

This little guy is right out by the Mackville Ranch where we grow olives. Thw sun is going down and that wonderful orange glow is everywhere. Lights are burning on the horizon. I just started a new group of these only in still life. I need to do a few more before I post any. A friend loaded me Peggy Kroll Roberts instructional DVD's. I am watching them while I do the eliptical every other morning. Today my excercise flew by while I watched and listened to her demo in oil on a 25 stroke painting. I want to do this. One thing I am starting to realize, is that some of the Academy teachers love glazing over and over and over...well, I do NOT!!!! I love delicious thick paint put down with confidence. In my early figure painting class I feel like the teacher beat all the freshness out of my painting by beating constant glazing into me. I think what I really learned is that glazing is not for me. I can use it once in a while but it is better to mix the color right the 1st time...put it down and leave it alone!!!!!  Also put the paint down with confidence! CLICK HERE TO BID

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