Monday, January 10, 2011

Lilac Mysteries, Cherries & apples, oil 24"X30" M. Eger

Well, again this morning...I am being denyed my painting upload. It says try later. Go to my eBay list to see, to the upper right. I will go get coffee and if I have time ..try again. Well, it is 6:36 and Blogger must have finally had its coffee also!!!  Yahhhhhh!!!! I have been reading Kevin MacPherson's book. I just finished it yesterday. I tryed his palette of ultra. blue, alizarin crimson, yellow ochre and titanium did not work for me...I was painting orange wedges. So...I added 2 colors cad. orange and burnt sienns and that was better, however I do like working with limited palettes and am going to try some of his exercises. I need to get a fire lit under me!!! YAHHHHH even my eBay link worked this time!! Good Morning!!!CLICK HERE TO BID

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