Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cool Anger, pastel 5.5" X 5.5 "

This is another small pastel I did a few weeks back. The ranch had another breakin, this time the stole all the copper wire in the well so the ranch has not had water to the house in a few weeks. Hopefully the electrician will have it fixed next week.  My Advanced Placement students finally got all their digital images sent to the college board so I can stop worrying about them. Only about 2 weeks before my Academy class is over and 3 weeks till school is out, then I can ....maybe do some painting for myself just for fun. A novel thought. Well, I am going to go read a book and be grateful for my life with all that it has and does not have. I am blessed. Later!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dreads and Drama 2, 5.5"X5.5", pastel

This is a little pastel that I have submitted to a couple of shows. It was not done for a class. I started it while supervising detention at the high school...continued it in the orthodontists office....more at my friends house while we had coffee. I have 2 other little tiny guys in progress. I will post them as they are done. I worked on them while my husband was in for surgery. (I bet they never had anyone as messy as me in their waiting room before!!!) I worked more on my waterlily painting this morning. Yesterday I was so frustrated...I was not sure I ever wanted to paint again! What was I thinking. The waterlily painting is 36" X 48" and no matter what I did, I got glare and could not see the painting to continue to paint. Well, today I was rested, with a clear mind, I lowered the painting and rotated it to it's side and the glare was minimal so I began painting again. I started to feel better. I remembered back to the days that I just painted to make me happy. I need more of that. Mostly this painting is for me.

Oh, poor Diana still has not got her pastel that I sent to Germany as they are holding it in customs!! It is a gift!!!! Please!!!! I even put that it was a gift on the customs form. The people in customs probably think I am nuts for giving it as a gift but Diana is a very special exchange daughter. When I had my mysectomy she came back to the USA to see me and encourage me. What a dear young woman she is. Wish I could have hand delivered it, that would have done my spirits good!! Customs...IT IS A GIFT!!!!!!! YES, THE PASTEL PORTRAIT OF PHILLIP IS A GIFT!!!!! Sorry, yes, I was yelling at the customs people!