Thursday, December 30, 2010

SOLD Noyo Harbour Tugs,California, Oil 8"X10" Marilyn Eger

Well, it is a beautiful...cold day. The new thermostat says 60 degrees, it must have a hangover because I am sure it is 30 degrees as the dogs water was frozen this morning!!!  Well, my new scale is due to arrive today! I am excited to try it out.  I am reading a book by Kevin Macpherson. I am hoping he will remind me of things I already know and also give me some new ideas to expand my thinking. I am running out of small portraits for eBay. I have several very large pieces but do not know if anyone wants large portraits of people they do not know. I am also still trying to figure out how to ship them safely as they are stretched canvas. I have a few self portraits but do not know if my son would like them. I need to check. Must go. These tugs were done about 15 years ago at Noyo Harbour with my friend Nancy Lawson! Enjoy each moment!CLICK HERE TO BID

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SOLD Woman with Folded Arms And Attitude

She was originally a 20 minute quick study but I could not stand it so I put 15 more minutes in on her yesterday. I am much more satisfied with the new refinements. In that 15 minutes I put in the shadow actually got the face in and refined the background. Before her face was a smear of value changes but no features.I can not believe how big a differance 15 more minutes makes. Well, I need to work in the studio again today. One step at a time. Enjoy the moment. CLICK HERE TO BID

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Delta Off Thornton Road Acrylics 6"X8" Marilyn Eger

Well, it is another day when the blog is not letting me post a picture. I really hate that!! It is 2:04 P.M. and it now lets me give you a painting. I made some progress in the studio today. I varnished a stack of paintings, added another 10 minutes or so on one of my quick studies. Wow, 10 minutes makes such a differance! Like a crazy woman, I painted the edges of a painting then tryed to put it into a floater frame while still wet on the edges. Trust not do this at home. In the end, I decided to let it dry and finish the frame job tomorrow.  It is rainy, another perfect day for a pot of soup, a fluffy blanket and a good book. Enjoy! TO SEE ART OR BID CLICK HERE

Monday, December 27, 2010

SOLD Venitian Clothes Lines, Blue Sky, Acrylics 6"X8" M Eger

Here is a small acrylic plein aire painting I did when I was in Venice with a friend. I just love how the laundry weaves it's way across the sky and moves the eye through the space!!! Hope all of you had a lovely Christmas. I did. Now...out to the studio to get some work done. To many lazy days in a row!!!  CLICK HERE TO BID

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Napa Red Vineyard With Distant House oil 11"X14" M Eger

Forgive me but yesterday I was in the kitchen making lovely things to eat.  I only made it to the computer late in the evening and just did not want to compute!! I got such lovely Christmas presents. Both our children called from Kansas. It was wonderful! Will and Catherine are expecting next July. This will be Catherine's 1st child and it was such beautiful news for Christmas morning!!!!! Our Melissa's family sent a digital picture frame with a WHOLE flash drive full of pictures of the grandkids. It is wonderful for the long distance grand ma! It has a calender, date and perpetual slide show of those beautiful faces!!! I am truely blessed.
    This painting was done for my landscape class and it was a color theory problem. I love those color theory problems because they make me think and try things that I would not normally try. Today I have to get some thumbnail sketches done for the hospital. Have a great day. CLICK HERE TO BID

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lambchops Macho Man, Portrait, oil 20"X16" Marilyn Eger

Well, today I feel like a trapped animal!! The FedX man is due to deliver a package that has to be signed for...sometime today!!!!!! I want to go buy a scale so I ....YAHHHHH!!!! He just got here! I need a scale so I can do a better job in calculating my eBay paintings. I have really goofed a few times and paid my buyers to take my paintings...that is sad but it is a learning experience. Funny, when I started this blog, I had the idea that I would do a painting a day to post and sell on eBay. Well, with teaching high school full time and working on my M.F.A. in painting, the longest I have gone was 50 paintings in 50 days and that is doing NO other painting. I think it is a great idea but to soon for me. Maybe when I retire...or finish my M.F.A. I still like the idea!!! Oh well, enough rambling. This painting was done in a class at The Cellar many years ago, after my BA. It is the first and maybe the only portrait that I have done totally from a live model. I spent 40 hours on it. He was a wonderful model!!! Working from life is such a wonderful treat!!!To Bid Click Here

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SOLD Reading in Stripped Socks, oil, 14"X18" Marilyn Eger

Don't you just love those socks? When ever I see those stipped socks in the store, I have to look at them and touch them because the colors are so delicious!! This one was done for my Situations and the Environment Class. We were learning about pattern and how to paint it. She is on eBay now. If you want to see all I have on eBay scroll right and click the link at the top to see only this one click this purple link. Click Here To Bid

Monday, December 20, 2010

SOLD Poolroom

This is a painting I did for my Situations and the Environment Class at the Academy of Art. It seems like the more work I sell from the studio, the more work I find buried in flat files, portfolios and stacks of canvases in various places.
 I am feeling better now that I have finished off 10 days of antibiotics. I am still taking it easy as I do not want a relapes of the Pleurasy. It is nice to breath without it hurting.
 I am having a lot of fun with eBay but sure wish I could find a coach for shipping larger pieces and the international shipping and how to use the shipping calculator. I am so afraid I will do it wrong that I am doing what I am comfortable with, smaller art and works on paper. I am not posting my nudes here but if you want to see the nudes I have on eBay or all the work I have on eBay scroll right and click the eBay link. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!To bid Click Here

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Harney House Window"

This is one more Plein Aire painting I did for this directed study class. Nancy and I went down on Harney Lane, parked and set up to conquer the weathered window of this old house.  This is not on eBay, it is brand new 11" X 14" in oil. I rearranged the roof on the right as it was creating a tangent and that would not do!! I am feeling better. I am still on antibiotics but it is not painful when I breath anymore. What a wonderful blessing. One more day of high school finals then 2 weeks to paint, read, curl up in a snuggly blanket and watch movies and rest. Once the Pleurasy is gone I need to kick some butt in the studio!!!! I need to put first things first!!! If you want to see what I have on eBay please scroll to the right and look for the eBay link.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

State Fair Ribbon

This is a painting I did for my thesis, also. Just wanted someone to see it. I am under the weather. I have something called Pluracy, it is inflammation of the lining of the lungs. The good news is I am on antibiotics and it forces me to curl up with a warm blanket, sleep, read and write and sleep some more.

I got some good news, The Lodi Memorial Hospital wants 3 more of my pieces. One is already done and I have 2 more to do by the end of March. Once I am well again...I will begin.  Happy a very happy holidays!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magenta Ribbon

Okay guy...time for some feedback. What can I do to make it better? Speak to me!!!!! Yes, the ribbons are mine for various show awards. If you know me well, I collect antique glass, love mirrors & how they reflect things, grow fruit on trees we planted and have canned for years. This is  autobiographical. Your turn. How can it be improved? Please help! Thank-you in advance. Also if you want to see my newest eBay painting scroll right to the eBay link and click!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

State Fair Ribbon, drawing

This drawing was done for my thesis project. I was hoping it would be a part of the Knowlton Drawing Show but the final decision was that the subject would not appeal to enough people. That could be true. This will not be on eBay, but I really wanted my friends to see this drawing anyway. Of course it is a part of my ribbon series. It is in charcoal with many delicate layers.

 I have many items on eBay right now including landscape books. Many of the pieces on eBay are nudes, figures and faces. If these subjects are not of interest, do not go to the eBay link to the right. I truely do not want to offend anyone that I care about! You are special!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ribbons in a Vase

This is an oil pastel again for my MFA Thesis. I actually did it for the drawing show but thoughts are that it is to personal and no one would want I will show it here. It is not on eBay...none of my ribbon pieces are. Ribbons are so beautiful but after what happens to the ribbons? I thought it would be nice to mull over the significance of the ribbon and how it effects us. What promises does it give and are those promises fulfilled? To see what I have on eBay scroll to the right and click the eBay link.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Three Old Friends, oil 18" X 24"

This morning it was so glorious. There was a fog with the early morning light sifting through onto the grape vines. My it was a joy to watch. I have a sore throat and a cough but at least I can snuggle up with my blanket and the computer and relax!!! I have a big pot of ham and navy bean soup slow cooking and the house smells good and cozy! Yesterday we put together a know...exercise equipment. We decided that we need to be proactive and exercise and take care of ourselves because these are the only bodies we get. Since I should not jog and it is pretty muddy out here once the rains start we need other choices besides long walks. This is the choice. Wish me luck! Oh, my painting. It is one I finished about 2 weeks ago for part of my Masters Thesis Project. No, it will not go on eBay! I am still posting to eBay and even put some books on today. Again we are still cleaning out. If you want to see my eBay items, scroll to the right and down till you see my eBay link. It will take you toALL that I have listed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Pickers, Ca. vineyard worker Oil 6"X6" Marilyn Eger

The server is not allowing me to upload pictures right now!! I hate that!! To see the painting use the link, PLEASE!!!! This small little painting is also shown framed. I think it is charming but that is just me. Have a wonderful day! Smile, it gives others around you a gift that costs nothing but warms the heart!!! Click here to bid or just see the painting