Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lambchops Macho Man, Portrait, oil 20"X16" Marilyn Eger

Well, today I feel like a trapped animal!! The FedX man is due to deliver a package that has to be signed for...sometime today!!!!!! I want to go buy a scale so I ....YAHHHHH!!!! He just got here! I need a scale so I can do a better job in calculating my eBay paintings. I have really goofed a few times and paid my buyers to take my paintings...that is sad but it is a learning experience. Funny, when I started this blog, I had the idea that I would do a painting a day to post and sell on eBay. Well, with teaching high school full time and working on my M.F.A. in painting, the longest I have gone was 50 paintings in 50 days and that is doing NO other painting. I think it is a great idea but to soon for me. Maybe when I retire...or finish my M.F.A. I still like the idea!!! Oh well, enough rambling. This painting was done in a class at The Cellar many years ago, after my BA. It is the first and maybe the only portrait that I have done totally from a live model. I spent 40 hours on it. He was a wonderful model!!! Working from life is such a wonderful treat!!!To Bid Click Here

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