Thursday, December 30, 2010

SOLD Noyo Harbour Tugs,California, Oil 8"X10" Marilyn Eger

Well, it is a beautiful...cold day. The new thermostat says 60 degrees, it must have a hangover because I am sure it is 30 degrees as the dogs water was frozen this morning!!!  Well, my new scale is due to arrive today! I am excited to try it out.  I am reading a book by Kevin Macpherson. I am hoping he will remind me of things I already know and also give me some new ideas to expand my thinking. I am running out of small portraits for eBay. I have several very large pieces but do not know if anyone wants large portraits of people they do not know. I am also still trying to figure out how to ship them safely as they are stretched canvas. I have a few self portraits but do not know if my son would like them. I need to check. Must go. These tugs were done about 15 years ago at Noyo Harbour with my friend Nancy Lawson! Enjoy each moment!CLICK HERE TO BID

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