Sunday, December 5, 2010

Three Old Friends, oil 18" X 24"

This morning it was so glorious. There was a fog with the early morning light sifting through onto the grape vines. My it was a joy to watch. I have a sore throat and a cough but at least I can snuggle up with my blanket and the computer and relax!!! I have a big pot of ham and navy bean soup slow cooking and the house smells good and cozy! Yesterday we put together a know...exercise equipment. We decided that we need to be proactive and exercise and take care of ourselves because these are the only bodies we get. Since I should not jog and it is pretty muddy out here once the rains start we need other choices besides long walks. This is the choice. Wish me luck! Oh, my painting. It is one I finished about 2 weeks ago for part of my Masters Thesis Project. No, it will not go on eBay! I am still posting to eBay and even put some books on today. Again we are still cleaning out. If you want to see my eBay items, scroll to the right and down till you see my eBay link. It will take you toALL that I have listed.

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