Monday, December 20, 2010

SOLD Poolroom

This is a painting I did for my Situations and the Environment Class at the Academy of Art. It seems like the more work I sell from the studio, the more work I find buried in flat files, portfolios and stacks of canvases in various places.
 I am feeling better now that I have finished off 10 days of antibiotics. I am still taking it easy as I do not want a relapes of the Pleurasy. It is nice to breath without it hurting.
 I am having a lot of fun with eBay but sure wish I could find a coach for shipping larger pieces and the international shipping and how to use the shipping calculator. I am so afraid I will do it wrong that I am doing what I am comfortable with, smaller art and works on paper. I am not posting my nudes here but if you want to see the nudes I have on eBay or all the work I have on eBay scroll right and click the eBay link. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!To bid Click Here

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