Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magenta Ribbon

Okay guy...time for some feedback. What can I do to make it better? Speak to me!!!!! Yes, the ribbons are mine for various show awards. If you know me well, I collect antique glass, love mirrors & how they reflect things, grow fruit on trees we planted and have canned for years. This is  autobiographical. Your turn. How can it be improved? Please help! Thank-you in advance. Also if you want to see my newest eBay painting scroll right to the eBay link and click!


pattiwallace said...

The mirror is hard to see, do you have a bigger one with a sharper image in it? I would intensify the primary highlights...but that is just me! I love the ribbons concept! & the autobiographical theme.

Anonymous said...

I, too love the ribbons, especially the magenta one! I think the painting is "too busy" on the bottom, and is difficult to "read"...I'd say, simplify the objects, or remove some that are under the ribbons...I have also been enjoying your other "ribbon" your work!!