Monday, November 30, 2009

Appropriation, collage

I have skipped alterity because I have included photos of my students in the piece and need permission to publish it online. I have done about 20 collages for my journal for the class "Crossing Borders". Each collage is about a word in post colonial studies. This word is appropriation. In this collage the modern gangs are using tatoos that originated with early tribal peoples but they are using for their own imagery and purposes. One of my class mates said we should wash our faces in good thoughts and I love the idea behind those words. Now every morning when I wash my face I will think of those good thoughts for the day. Good night all!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"First Signs Of Autumn" 24" X30"

This piece will also be in the Knowlton Galleries "Artists Choice Show" that opens on December 5th. I have been very preoccupied with the creation of a one of a kind book for my "Crossing Borders" class. The book is almost done. The only major decision I have to make is the cover. I already have it bound, did it myself because Kinkos would not let me do my own cover and do not stitch the pages. I must be getting picky in my old age. I am trying to decide if the cover should be flat and easy to put in a book case or 3 dimensional. I really like the 3-D cover best but know that it will not store as easily as the 2 -D cover. With the 3-D cover the whole book feels more like a sculpture, where as a 2-D cover it is truely a book. I also put extra blank pages at the end so that I can sketch, journal or add more collage to the book. The entire book is of collage/mixed media to define the words in the course.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Autumn Vineyards" 24" X30"

Sorry, I have really neglected my blog. I have not been painting much. I passed my midpoint review at the Academy of Art in San Francisco which has taken a lot of my time. I had to learn how to install Power point and a web cam onto my computer. Then I had to learn how to use powerpoint for my online video conference. Also I have had 2 wonderful uncles visit from out of town and Nana, our past Indonesian exchange student also has come to visit. I went to Kansas for a week to visit our daughter and her family and give those 4 grandchildren some hugs. In between all this I have still been teaching high school art and taking an online masters class called "Crossing Borders". I am making a book for that class that illustrates the vocabulary of the class in collage.

The piece I am posting today will be at the Knowlton Gallery the month of December and January.