Sunday, November 29, 2009

"First Signs Of Autumn" 24" X30"

This piece will also be in the Knowlton Galleries "Artists Choice Show" that opens on December 5th. I have been very preoccupied with the creation of a one of a kind book for my "Crossing Borders" class. The book is almost done. The only major decision I have to make is the cover. I already have it bound, did it myself because Kinkos would not let me do my own cover and do not stitch the pages. I must be getting picky in my old age. I am trying to decide if the cover should be flat and easy to put in a book case or 3 dimensional. I really like the 3-D cover best but know that it will not store as easily as the 2 -D cover. With the 3-D cover the whole book feels more like a sculpture, where as a 2-D cover it is truely a book. I also put extra blank pages at the end so that I can sketch, journal or add more collage to the book. The entire book is of collage/mixed media to define the words in the course.