Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Old Friends SOLD

This is the sixth painting for the Lodi Memorial Hospital. I just love these old vehicles. They are out on Liberty Road and they make me think of three old friends sitting together in the sun!!! This is a 24 inch X 30 inch oil painting on red orange primed masonite. "If I could see whats going on with myself as well as I see what's going on with others, I'd be "fixed" by now" by _Pat (from "Meditations For Women Who Do To Much" by Anne Wilson Schaef)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spring Bloom SOLD

This is the 5th painting I did for Lodi Memorial Hospital. It is an oil painting with an red orange under painting. It is 24 inches X 30 inches. This Cherry orchard is on DeVries Road in Acampo. My husband gets better and better at giving powerful feedback. His critic was invaluable in this painting. I am back teaching full time at the high school since Monday so I have been a bit negligent in posting. Sorry!!!!! Tonight I took my final for my Art and Ideology class.

Oh, I have to tell you about Justin Wilson. He was a student 15 years ago and he saw me in the grocery store yesterday and said my name. I didn't recognize him till I looked at his precious daughter, that looked just like him when he was in my class. He is now a father of 5 beautiful girls, a firefighter and seeing him just touched my heart. Actions speak louder than words. Think about what you do before you do it. What is your action saying about you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Morning Glow on DeVries Barns, SOLD

This is the first of 3 oil paintings I just completed for Lodi Memorial Hospital. It is 24 inches X 30 inches on a masonite panel. I used a red orange toned surface. I did a 6 inch X 6 inch study first to get comfortable with the colors and feeling I wanted in the painting. Isn't 6 A.M. a glorious time of day!!! "Wonder is a gift of living. Living is a gift of wonder." By Anne Wilson Schaef

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Acampo Church SOLD

This is the 3rd pastel for the Lodi Memorial Hospital. My husband really likes this one. It is 24 inch X 30 inch pastel. I bought a large pastel paper roll for these pieces because they are larger than standard pastel paper. They are done on a dark blue grey paper. I am still trying to decide about the laptop. Nature teaches great lessons in humility. In order to learn from her, I have to be in her.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reflections of Costa's Cherry Orchard SOLD

This is the 2nd pastel that I did for the Lodi Memorial Hospital. I have painted this scene several times but this is the first time I have done it in pastel. It is a 24 inch by 30 inch pastel. My husband Jerry likes my pastels better than my oils. What I like about them is that I am able to get some interesting color vibration and the stroke can effectively be left in the painting and feel right. Well, as much as I hate it, I will be out shopping again. I found a dress that I can live with but now I have to find shoes to go with it. I would rather be getting the powerpoint and webcam figured out and that is also torture!!! The only time I have fun shopping is when I go with a pro. I have 2 friends that always seem to help. We find wonderful things but we so seldom get to go together. Life is always in the way!!!!

"It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life." by Elizabeth Henry Conflict(which I hate) is inevitable. Fighting is a choice. (usually I choose not to fight, but when I do I pick my fights carefully)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Morning Glow SOLD

This is the 1st of 6 pieces that I am doing for Lodi Memorial Hospital. I haven't finished the 6th piece yet. I am hoping to finish it today. They are all 24 inches X 30 inches. This one is a pastel and the location is in Acampo out on Peltier Road almost to DeVries Road. It is about 6:45 A.M. so it is that wonderful golden hour!!! I am still laboring over what computer to get and when etc. It is enough to make me feel sick. I hate shopping. I do not know how shopaholics do it. The thought of spending that much money and not being sure I am making the right choice is almost paralysing. One of the students in myonline masters class said something so profound that I just must share it. I sure hope she does not mind. "Love is not a feeling, it is an ability." by K. I. Rogers

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just love her socks don't you? Well, I got the 3 pastels done for the hospital now I need to finish the 3 oil paintings. Today I will work as hard as I can on those 3 oils. I am trying to decide if it is best to get a new laptop with a web cam and powerpoint already in it or to upgrade my old one from the difference in cost is $500.00 extra dollars. I hate these kind of decisions."When nothing is sure, everything is possible" by Margaret Drabble.

Monday, July 20, 2009


The purpose of this painting was to experiment with making fur feel soft edged and to create the illusion of texture. I was happy with the colors I used in the face. Well, today I need to really work hard on the paintings for the hospital. Something I have done over the years when I needed a reality check was to make a gratitude list. I learned about this many years ago. When I start to make excuses for myself I start making the list of all the things I have to be grateful for. If I am being honest the list would never be done. Is life perfect? No, and would I want it that way? Would there be anything to work towards in a perfect world? Something to think about.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shrouded Figure

I really like how this one came out. I learned a lot about form and cast shadows on the drape over the body. Fabric can be so facinating can't it!

Sorry I have been away for some important family time. I read this, this morning and it was so off the wall that I had to share it. " A mark of a workaholic is cleaning house in your underwear." by _Coleen

Monday, July 13, 2009


This is an interior I had to paint for my "Situations and the Environments" class at the Academy of Art in S.F. It is an oil 11 inches X 14 inches. I have been away from the computer for a few days. I still have not broken down and gotten a laptop with that internet chip. I ran off to the mountains(Dorrington) to work on my pastels for the Lodi Memorial Hospital commission. I am almost done with the 3 pastels. I just need a little fine tuning and they will be done. The 3 oil paintings still need finetuning as well. All choices have consequences. Be sure to learn from whatever the consequence is.
: )

Saturday, July 11, 2009

2.2 Study

This is another 3 hour study. Again, I am not overly happy with this painting. I will be away for a few days then I will be back. Remember to see the beauty in the smallest of things!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Model 2.1

This is a 3 hour study for my situation and the environment class. It is not great. It is done from a photo. I am working on the commissions for Lodi Memorial Hospital so I have been negligent in posting. Sorry. I have 5 pieces started and none done. I keep working on them a little every day. I am starting to panic about my midpoint review. That is where I present everything to the Academy of Art for my Candidate Status on my graduate program. I am terrified. I do not own a web cam or Power Point and need them both for the presentation. I guess I better break down and buy them and try to install them. I hate this feeling of not being in control. As if I really AM in control of anything anyway. Who am I kidding. The only control I have is over what I do and nothing else. Once I actually start I am sure I will be fine. Take a deep breath and plunge in!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three Muskateers

I did this on location a few months ago and finally put a few highlights and refinements on the front face this morning. I have been working on the paintings for the hospital. The 3 oils are almost done and one pastel is off to a good start. I have 2 more pastels that I have not started yet. My computer has been treating me badly today. It kept kicking me off-line even when I was in my on-line class. It kept telling me I was low on memory????? My computer says I have 78% freespace???? I do not get it. Well, I defragged it, cleaned out files, threw away pictures and emptied the trash. Hope that helps. Seize the moment!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Twins Again

This is Maddie(Peanut to some) and Jacob. They are my niece and nephew. Their brother Jacob and sister Megan are their older twin brother and sister. I have wanted to paint this for a long time. I love how the light plays across the form of Maddie. I love how her body is sprawled unposed.
I read something interesting today. "If we want to be more honest, we have to be willing to let go of our "niceness". In letting go of our niceness,we find ourselves becoming more honest.Getting honest about ourselves and our lives is an essential step toward health." by Anne Wilson Schaef.
I always tried to be "nice " to people even when it hurt. That isn't honest. I need to be honest with myself. I can not be nice all the time. What I need to be is true to myself and my beliefs.
The sun is shining and the studio and dogs are waiting. Must go! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

"3 Grandsons" again only revised

I have done a lot more work on this painting of my three grandsons. I was hoping, oh never mind. The earlier version can be seen on my Tuesday April 11th post (I think). I hate doing is like having teeth pulled. I LOVE starting paintings! I can be wild and sculptural with the brush but when it comes to all those delicate temperature changes, form shadows and minute detail ULK!! I WILL NEVER BE A PORTRAIT PAINTER!!!!!!!! I am hoping that I will be able to use all the things I am learning to make the new improved me, better. I really do not want to lose who I am artistically in the process!

"Until a person can say deeply and honestly, "I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday," that person can not say, "I choose otherwise". This is a quote from Stephen R. Covey

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oleander and the Rabbit

Well, this painting is inspired by Carol Marine. She was painting a little gold mouse and warned that sometimes they look more like chocolate. So as I painted when it got to the point of looking like chocolate I stopped and came back to it a few days later when I had a fresh eye. Yep!!! It did look like chocolate. Since my bunny is gold leaf with much of the gold leaf worn off down to the red patina underneath it is not gold all over. I stated being very picky about value and color temperature remembering that Ning Hou would nag"one change color , one stroke... He totally intimidated me when I was in his class but every time I break his rule I think of him and his"One Stroke".

I found the rabbit while going through antique stores last week and just had to have it. It would be so much fun to paint from many angles and it is so cute. It is a 6 inch X 6 inch oil and is at the Knowlton Gallery for $150.00

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Planting the Olive Ranch

Sorry I did not post yesterday I was out at the olive ranch helping my husband check the drip lines for leaks. It has been 100 to 107 degrees here so those little trees must have water. The trees are actually about 6 to 7 feet tall except for the ones that were killed a year ago by high winds and freezes. I will be going out again today to help some more so I need to quickly take my quiz for my on-line class then I am off. Stay cool!!!!!