Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spring Bloom SOLD

This is the 5th painting I did for Lodi Memorial Hospital. It is an oil painting with an red orange under painting. It is 24 inches X 30 inches. This Cherry orchard is on DeVries Road in Acampo. My husband gets better and better at giving powerful feedback. His critic was invaluable in this painting. I am back teaching full time at the high school since Monday so I have been a bit negligent in posting. Sorry!!!!! Tonight I took my final for my Art and Ideology class.

Oh, I have to tell you about Justin Wilson. He was a student 15 years ago and he saw me in the grocery store yesterday and said my name. I didn't recognize him till I looked at his precious daughter, that looked just like him when he was in my class. He is now a father of 5 beautiful girls, a firefighter and seeing him just touched my heart. Actions speak louder than words. Think about what you do before you do it. What is your action saying about you.

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