Friday, January 14, 2011

Hay 46 Tractor Done For the Day, Resting Oil 6"X6" Eger

This little painting went through several changes. In the original version you only noticed the tractor if you meditated on the painting, so I realized that there needed to be more contrast in the negative spaces behind the tractor to set it off. I have been watching an old art instruction video by Sandra Freckleton, while using the eliptical machine in the morning. Although I am not doing watercolor right now, she gets my creative mental mood in the correct place to work with my students. We are almost done with oil painting in the high school classroom. Tuesday I will introduce tints, tones, and shades to the intro. art students and lino cuts to the advanced students. I still have not gotten into the groove of painting after school this year. Since I became department head for the art dept. there are meetings almost everyday for something...but it is my goal!!! Stay in the moment! Until tomorrow...CLICK HERE TO BID

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