Sunday, January 23, 2011

SOLD Tranquil Black Nita, pastel 20" X 25.5" Eger

CLICK HERE TO BID This portrait was done from a live model oh my 20 years or so ago. She was a model for Bob Gerbracht in Asilomar. It was a great weekend. This pastel has a lot of negative space to the right...which I personally like but if the cost of framing is a huge issue in todays could be cropped to make a smaller image. If you want to crop it let me that I can sign it on the left side. Doesn't she have a wonderful dignified presense? Yesterday I was in Modesto judging the Young Masters Art Show. It is the childrens show for Modesto and I judged the high school level. When I got home I worked on one of the pastels for the Lodi Memorial Hospital and the portrait for Diana in Germany. My Duke(border collie) was in the studio with me as well as Rosebud( yellow Lab) but Duke did not want to come back home. He wanted to stay in the studio. He kept going back to the studio though he was saying "You are not done yet!!! Get back to work...I will encourage you!"  What a sweet boy he is.  Must go.
On eBay many of my pieces have 25% to the American Cancer Society if they sell. They helped me so much when I was suffering from breast cancer. When I was trying to get answers and information to make informed decisions they were wonderful.

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