Monday, January 24, 2011

SOLD Dreads and Drama 1, black with light Oil 6"X6" M Eger

CLICK HERE TO BID Well this maybe small but I was so happy when I finished it yesterday. I had to really think about value and color temperature. I stretched a canvas. One of the things the Mid Point Review Committee wanted me to do was to stretch my own canvas. What are they thinking. At 58 years old that I not know how? I do canvas stretching demos for my high school students. I use mostly prestretched canvas because I have so little time. Also my hands get very tired when stretching canvas. Oh well, I am working on stretching a bunch. I think I have 4 new ones stretched. I still need more. I have tons of stretcher bars...mostly very large...I will just pick them off one at a time!! Enjoy the day!

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