Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hay Fields 2, 6"X6" oil

Well, here I am again...blogger again will not let me post my painting! YIKES!!!  So please forgive me but click the link to see the painting. You do not have to bid or buy to look. I am trying something new with these little 6"X6" jewels. I am actually trying international shipping on these tiny ones just to see if I can do it. Another experiment. We went out to the ranch this A.M. and took the canoe out onto the lake and paddled the floating dock back to shore. It was sitting lopsided in the lake and we did not want to take a chance of having it sinking!!! So now it is tied up on the bank, if it sinks there at least we maybe able to fix it. It was COLD out there. It was 39 degrees with a breeze. Yes, I am a whimp!! If you are sitting in the snow...I have NO room to complain. Well....quite a few hours have past and finally it let me give you the painting!!! Yaaaah!  TO SEE PAINTING CLICK HERE OR TO BID

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