Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today, I should be in the studio painting, but I went back there with Rosebud (Yellow Lab) and I put a couple of marks on the "Lockford Antique Store" and "Phillip" and just could not focus. I wanted to spend some time with Rosebud because she misses Mr. Duke I brought a couple of small stretcher bars to the back porch and wrap stretched 2 12"X12" canvases while she played in the backyard. It isn't much but it is progress. I do not know if it is the overcast weather or the loss of Mr. Duke that is still effecting my mood. I think it is and I know time will help. I start my next Academy class tomorrow and these pastel commissions will not paint themselves but I think I am just going to muddle through this right now. It is Jerry and my wedding anniversary today, 29 years. We are making a nice crab dinner here at home. I am sure it will be lovely. Sorry, no pictures today but, you can go to my eBay link in the right hand corner of this page to see all items listed. Enjoy the day.

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