Monday, January 17, 2011

Orange Wedges 1, Two Up Two Down Oil 6"X6" Marilyn Eger

CLICK HERE TO BID Well, here is my 1st orange painting. I am hoping to do a series of them called "Citrus Sparkle". I tried to be Julia Childs this weekend. I made a lemon merange pie and a lemon cake from scratch and a pot of vegetable soup.  The soup had so many chilie peppers that I had to drain off all the liquid and start with fresh water, bullion cubes and even then it had a spicy kick. As I was taking the pie crust out of the oven the door bell rang and I dropped it on the floor...killing it. So I proceeded to make pie crust from scratch. My pastry blender and tupperware pie surface must have been out on a date or eloped as they were no where to be found...I used a chopper as a pastry blender and the pizza pan to roll out the pie crust. cream of tartar to make the merange stiffen...when to the internet for substitutions one person said lemon juice, so I grated lemon peel and 2 drops of lemon juice and it did pretty well. In the end the lemon pie turned out pretty nice but heaven forbid...I do not know what I did to the cake. It is edible but not one that you can't put down. Understand we have 3 or more lemon trees had they have a bumper crop! Citrus we have in surplus!! Got to go find my coffee! Good morning.

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