Sunday, October 31, 2010

SOLD Etched With Age

Well, my blog and I are still at war this morning but it looks like it is going to let me post after a few trys and a very slow upload. Good news. I have been asked to be one of three judges for the 51st Art Annual, which is at the Mondavi Winery on Woodbrige Road in Acampo, Ca. in March.
    Also my Jerrry gave me the radio/CD player that he did not use..YAAAH! My old one quit playing CD's and I had to tape the on switch on to get the radio to now I am in the lap of luxury!!!!
    Sad news, I have lost my figure drawing sketchbook so I will not be posting any of them on eBay. For the life of me I do not know where it is. Sometimes I think I am lossing my mind. We have been cleaning the studio for is probably in a new place, I hope. I have a whole stack of nude really quick sketches on newsprint but I can not imagine anyone wanting them as newsprint paper is such poor quality. I could use feedback on that.
Etched with Age is a 25 minute quick study in oil for my quick studies class.Click Here To Bid

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