Saturday, October 30, 2010

SOLD Black Dignity in Woman, 25 minute oil quick study

My blog is giving me trouble again today. It is very frustrating. I actually got the image in the browser box but could not get it to move to the blog. The image is  a portrait of a black woman with her hair wrapped in a black scarf and she is wearing a black shirt. Since I can not get it to post, click my link to view it. So sorry!!!!  : (   To See or Bid on my eBay 25 minute quick study oil portrait, CLICK HERE

I started framing pieces for the Knowlton Sketchbook Show. The Opening Reception is December 4, 1-4. I got one framed today and will continue framing tomorrow. Yehhhhh! I finally got the image to post. Boy, that was tough work!!

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