Sunday, October 10, 2010

Studio Tour Was Terrific!!

My demonstration oups! I am behind the camera.
My paintings.
More of my paintings.
Even more.....
And more....
And more!!!!
Gil Dellinger demonstrating.
Lucinda Kasser demonstrating.
Well, tomorrow morning I will unload the car and hopefully paint a little more before I begin teaching again on Tuesday. So many lovely people came to the Studio Tour and they were so kind and interesting. I am posting some pictures of my work and of Gil Dellinger and Lucinda Kasser demonstrating. I was also demonstrating but because I was behind the camera my easel is empty. If life got in the way of you coming at least you can see the spirit of the event!!! If you want to check out one of my nudes on eBay CLICK HERE!

1 comment:

Karen Appleton said...

Marilyn congratulations on the studio tour, and your nudes and figures are gorgeous. I love the way you work the surface and how expressive this makes your paintings! Plus your models are awesome!!!!