Sunday, October 3, 2010

SOLD Gypsy, Pastel, 22" X 15" by Marilyn Eger

I sure had fun doing this one. Since then I have gotten 2 sets of Sennilier pastels and am dying to try them. They were on sale at half off. I use Nupastels to start the drawing then shift to soft pastels. This one was done on printmaking paper with a charcoal value underdrawing that was sprayed before adding pastel over the topTo Bid Click Here
Oh, the other really cool thing that happened is that my old fig tree that was blown over a year and a half ago is growing again. Apparently it is growing from a root that was left in the ground. It is about 2 feet tall now. One of the pleasures of going to the studio used to be, to stop and pick figs.  Maybe in a few years I will have that pleasure again. Enjoy the moment!!  : )

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