Monday, November 1, 2010


Me and my computer have been having a very hard time this weekend. Mozilla Firefox will not work and I need to instal Flash Player for my Master's class but it also will not install. I spent most of the day yesterday with Mcafee on the phone and the say it is not a virus. Anyway...I have to decide soon to fix this one or get a new one and I have put off the new one for four years already. I do not want to deal with that either. Well here is another oil quick study but this one was done in 40 minutes.Click Here To Bid
Have a geat day!

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Gloria Jean said...

I finally gave up trying to use firefox. It used to be a good browser but any more I can't get it to work well. I've tried many times, I used to love it. For the greatest speed, try google chrome. When I first installed it, it opened in 3 seconds! A minimal browser but very fast. This is a great portrait for 40 minutes! I wish you would talk more about your process of painting it.