Friday, November 19, 2010

SOLD White Dove & Everyday Magic Moon Sun, oil 12"X12" Eger

Yes, I am still cleaning the studio. Gosh, I had NO IDEA I had so much of a back log of art stashed everywhere!!!!!!! This was done for a show called "The Gift".  It is a playful piece that was illustrating a line in a poem. I think it would be nice it a small childs room! You know how they question everything!! Again I am having link issues. If you can not reach eBay through this link, go to the right side of my blog and scroll down and click the eBay link there!!!! So Sorry!!! OKAY!! It took me a day to figure out I put in to many zeros in my link! Whew! Why is this so hard for me!!!  Click Here To Bid

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