Tuesday, June 29, 2010

60 minute, Sunset in Paris

I could not resolve this painting in 60 minutes, however, if I ever have time to go back and work on it some more, I do believe that it could be a fine painting. My summer directed study class is in pastels, but the 2 big issues I am working on, is to stick with each piece even when it is difficult and I want to give up and to strengthen my total approach to pastel painting. I am trying Wallace paper which is a new experience. The paper holds a lot of pastel. I started my 1st piece on the Wallace paper yesterday. It is not done yet. As I finish them I will post them. I think I have one more quick study for tomorrow. Staying on one painting, even when it hurts is a little new to me. I loved the quick studies because the timer told me when to stop. I am going through a phase where everything in my studio looks bad to me. I do not know if it is totally true or that I have learned a lot and am now harder on myself than I used to be.

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