Tuesday, June 22, 2010

40 minute quick study 4, ballet

I like this quick study more than the last. I am in a funk,  it is frustrating. I am having a hard time mentally getting back into the creative process and inspiration. Even though my paintings did well at the county fair, I am going through a phase where everything I have done looks bad to me. I am sure that, that is not totally true but the feeling is real. I think the inaction is killing me. The longer I do not act the stronger the anxiety. If anyone has tips for pushing through this, please let me know.

Also several people have been leaving comments in Japanese. Since I do not read Japanese, I am not allowing them to be posted to my blog. I am so sorry. I occasionally have a friend to translate but she is very busy and I do not want to over burden her. If you could try to post in English...I so want to know your ideas and am so sorry for the inconvenience.

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