Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hay 46, Coastal Farm

Carol, thank-you for your feedback. I decided to change the side of the barn today. Now I really see the tractor. What do you think?

This one is also an oil painting. I could stand a critique on this one if anyone is willing. Should the left wall of the red barn be darker? Is it pulling the eye away from the tractor? There are things I like but.... something is wrong. I want the little tractor to be the focal point. This is approximately 6" X 6". HELP!!!


Carol Leigh said...

I'm not a painter -- I'm a photographer -- but an image is an image, and I must say that my eye goes first and immediately to the light side of the barn. I don't discover the tractor for another few seconds. That being said, if I had a FRACTION of your talent, I would be thrilled! Wishing you all the success you can handle with your art. -- Carol Leigh

Carol Leigh said...

I like this tweaked version better. Looks like you made the large tree darker and lightened the wall behind the tractor as well, so my eye goes immediately "toward the light" and isn't constantly pulled and distracted leftward. Again, I admire your talent. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and good luck with your 50/50 project! I do a "photo a day" project myself and sometimes wonder, am I INSANE?! -- Carol Leigh

Marilyn Eger said...

Hi Carol,

It's funny, I have a cousin by the same name in Missouri. Thank-you for your kindness!