Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Buena Vista" Sold

This is my final for the landscape class. This is the Buena Vista in San Francisco. It was also a commission piece, so I went to S.F. several times to take reference photos and get more information for the painting. It is a 24" X 36" oil painting. If anyone wants to see the steps to painting this e-mail me and I will post them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Eger!
Its Melanie from 6th period. My dad and I enjoyed looking at your oil paintings. They are all really good but this is personally my favorite one. ok talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs.Eger!!!!
This is Alyssa from your 4th period class and I just wanted to say that I love your work. I love being in your class because I have now found another way to express myself.....YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whao! Mrs. Eger, your little students really like you. Yeah, your work ROCKS!