Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Iris

This is a large acrylic. The light on the petals are what drew me to the subject. I am still working on the midpoint review power point. I went to my 1st power point class last night and made a visual for my A.P. 3-D Design class. It was pretty cool and much easier than the power point for my Masters. This quote sounds like me. It is one of those things I need to change. "I'm defensive even when what's going on has nothing to do with me. I just know I must be wrong somehow." by Elizabeth from "Meditations for Women Who Do To Much".


Anonymous said...

I'm from foreign country. Is this art blog or is this personal diary? You are a teacher? Why is grammar incorrect?

Marilyn Eger said...

To Anonymous, this blog is all that you listed, my personal art blog. It is filled with my own paintings and my thoughts and insights. Yes, I am an art teacher that is usually over tired, over worked or not awake when I write my blog. No, I am not an English teacher. And, yes, like all human beings, I make mistakes. Writing has never been my strength.I will work on the grammar. I also do not type well. Are you an artist?
M. Eger