Saturday, August 29, 2009

St. Mary's

This is a very old oil painting of the St. Mary's Art Center in Virginia City, Nevada(she used to be a hospital in the gold rush days). It is a 24" X 30" painting on masonite. I went to see the art center last summer and she is looking pretty rough these days. It is really sad. 20 years ago all the rooms still had antique wood burning stoves and that nostalgia was part of what made her such a special place. I was painting on location at the Ca. State Fair today and I think it was 113 degrees. I was working in acrylics...not a good idea. I should have taken my oils. The paint would dry in my brush before I could get the brush to the canvas. The painting is in the art display at the state fair if you want to see it. Like a dummy I did not shot a digital picture to post. I was so hot that all I wanted was to go home and get a huge cold drink!!

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