Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotted Cow

This is an acrylic painting on paper of the cows out on the Mackville Ranch. They can be so cute! They watch me as though I am an entertainer. They are very funny!! I especially love it when they have calves. What beautiful faces they have.

Sorry I have not been posting. I went back to work last week and am trying to keep up with 160 high school students, learn a new program for work called eschool (and I don't know it yet and no training, so it is trial and error!!!) I hate that! Also I gave up on a laptop and installed Microsoft Office and soon will install my webcamon the old computer, as I have time. So I am teaching myself to use Power Point for my Midpoint Review in Sept. at the Academy of Art in S. F. All things in time. Progress not perfection!!! Remember that...it will keep you sane!!!

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