Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Barnyard 13, Wet and Light(tractor)

I really love this little painting. It is one of those moments when everything felt right. I especially like the light on the tractor seat and the slight reflection in the water puddle. You already know it is a 6" X 6" oil on masonite for $120.00 and is at the 20th Street Gallery in Sacramento.
I just called into jury duty today and do not have to go. I am relieved. I had my lesson plans all written but I am so glad I do not need to use them. I am still working on my painting of Clarene and Jerry( my husband holding our youngest grand daughter) If I can pull it off it will be precious. My Jerry is so wonderful with babies and very small children and this painting will capture that special quality he has forever. I know that is a bit sappy but I think it is important to honor the best qualities in people when we can.

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