Friday, February 13, 2009

"Farming and Ranching 11, "Grapes Overhead

I personally love this one. It is our own vineyard being picked and I love how this picker is balancing that huge crate of grapes on his head with such ease. It is an oil 6" X 6" approximately. It is $150.00 unframed or $350.00 framed in an attractive gold frame.
There is no news on the pink slips except that they now will send out 400 in Lodi Unified alone. The Board of Education and Ms. Washer will decide on Feb. 17th what will be cut and who will be layed off. We will not know till sometime in mid to late March. I have been keeping up with my homework at the Academy and my 50/50's and those things and my dear husbands gentle words are keeping me sane through all this. To purchase contact the Knowlton Gallery.

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