Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Farming and Ranching 10"

This 6" X 6" oil is of the Borden Ranch out in Clements Ca. It is $150.00 and can be purchased at the Knowlton Gallery.

We are in total turmoil at Lodi Unified School district. In March they will be sending out 350 pink notices. That means it is possible you may be layed off. The arts and music are to be target areas at the high school. My husband Jerry was down sized out of a job 2 1/2 years ago and we put our savings into planting an olive ranch to make him self employed. Well, my job has been getting us through and I have no idea how much longer I will have a job. The olives may not produce till next year and the expenses still come in. The stock market hit our savings, so there isn't much cush left. I do have a lot of faith that in the end things will work out but it is a sad day for education in California. I have been teaching art for over 18 years and all I can tell my students is I will give you the best I can this year as I have no idea if art will exist in the schools next year! We live on a budget WHY IS IT THAT OUR GOVERNOR DOES NOT!!!!!!!!! Sorry, extreme frustration. Thank-you for listening.

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