Monday, April 25, 2011

Race with the Rabbit, oil 6" X 6"

This cute little rabbit is actually a ceramic figurine with very worn gold leaf. It was so cute that I had to have it. The little square bottle was one of my many garage sale finds. The flowers are oleanders and if you did not know, they are poisonous, but pretty! I worked out on the ranch with Jerry today checking the drip lines and flushing out all the ends. My poor Jerry started feeling bad. He got a terrible headache and nausious. He is napping now. I hope it makes him feel better. I also painted on the "Waterlilies" a bit more early this morning. If anyone wants to check out some cool lecture notes from one of Richard Schmid's lectures go here: Richard Schmid is just excellent. I know I need to locate his landscape book. Later!!! Enjoy the sun! Click Here to Bid


Painting Workshop said...

I like your painting! Great job on painting the rabbit and the vase!...Daniel

Anonymous said...

M, Richard Schmid book Landscapes on 153.00 or try for a survey of different stores that carry that book and others by him. Elizabeth