Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hay 24 Umbrellas Up Rain or Shine, 6" X 6"

I just love the old tractors with the umbrellas. I do not see them very often but they have some kind of nostalgia that I like. This one is very impressionistic and painterly. Yesterday we went out to the olive ranch and someone had left the gate open and the cows were wandering in the orchard. It was frustrating but the cows were so cute! They follow each other and really did not like being separated from the herd. It was not to hard to get them back in the pasture with the rest of the cattle, especially with Jerry and I working together. I have 2 of my pastels well on their way for my M.F.A. class. They are not done but serious progress is being made. I have one more to start. I want all three going at the same time so that I can turn one to the wall while working on another. Then when it is turned around I will have a fresh eye to proceed. Have a great day.

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