Wednesday, April 7, 2010

25 minute pos/neg 32

Here is  the 31st quick study. Sorry about the glare. I am on the run. Teachers in Lodi Unified are really not very appreciated by the district. They want us to take a 2% pay cut, freeze our wages for 3 years and have us take 5 furlough days this year, 7.5 next year and the same for 3 years. It is a very big pay cut and even if we accept this they will STILL LAY OFF TEACHERS!!!!! As many as 246 teachers for the next school year. That could mean classes with 44 students or more. Our President says we are not doing a good enough job so will we do better with EVEN MORE students in our classes. Instead of 160 students a day it could be 210. Are teachers really going to be able to do a better job with that many more students and LESS teaching time????????  Sorry, I had to get it out of my system!