Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chromatism, collage

In this collage the leaves represent all the earths people and their multitude of colors and the pencils are the artists through out the world and their many ethnicitys. The scene represents the peaceful place we all deserve.

I passed my final yesterday and I am so pleased. I still have not gotten a grade on my journal but I'm sure Teddy will be grading them soon. She has really made me think about putting myself into my work. I may not have the answers yet but at least she has my mind working.

"We need to own our lives. We need to claim our experiences, all of them, and integrate them into our existence and decisions.We need to claim who we are and be who we are....." by Anne Wilson Schaef. This is a brief quotation from"Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much". This little book has helped me find peace when I was moving to fast.

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